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This site can do a whole lot more than showing the picture background you get when you first view this site. At the top left of this page there's a menu, if you select the "View" menu, then "New Background", then "HD Video", you can get HD video backgrounds (powered by
WebGL (interactive 3D) and canvas (interactive 2D) backgrounds are also possible.

SeductiveApps is certainly suitable to run websites with modest artwork with. Check out the "View" menu (top-left of page), then "New background", then "Tiled", then "Grey". You may want to click on "Grey" a few more times after the first grey background has loaded, to find one you really like.

If, when, you get bored with the colors of the dialogs (windows, if you will), then try hovering over the top-right corner of any dialog on this site to bring up the 2 icons that appear then. Of these 2 icons, the left icon (a gears shaped icon), brings up a new dialog when clicked on, a dialog in which you can select entirely different sample dialog background artwork. Your settings are remembered in a cookie.

Also under the "View" menu, you can find "Dialog Configurations", which allows you to quickly select what dialogs (aka windows) you view on this site. Be sure to try it out, because all dialogs are automatically resized so that the dialogs you want to see, are automatically given all pixel space available to them :)